Tuesday, May 6, 2008

there is no straining effort in an overflowing life, and it is quietly irresistible. It is the normal life of omnipotent and ceaseless accomplishments into which Christ invites each of us to enter today and always.

He is filled with my blood, and he stands on my bones. his eyes are moist with my dew and he looks like me. He is my ticket into the next generation, my spaceship into the land of the young. He is my chance to give support and solidarity to a past of my destiny. He offers me one opportunity to be all that i wanted someone else to be to me. Healing him is the same as healing me. To love him is to love me. The process of saving him from making my mistakes somehow gives purpose to my deepest pain. I will endure whatever it takes to help him reach a star. He is a warm clay waiting to be shaped into a man.. he is myself, my friend, my comrade. He is my son!

Chosen by my heart or fathered by my loins, he is all that i invest in him today for the challenges of tomorrow. God grant me grace for fatherhood and wisdom for parenting. Without the guidance of God helping and training me, I cannot parent my son as i should.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

When Your Heart Opens

Did you ever feel so empty inside?
Did you ever lose yourself?
Did rivers flow from you heart to your mind?
Your heart open'd, you heard His voice.

Did you ever breathe air and exhale wind?
Did you ever fly with your eyes closed?
Did your eyes cry tears without end?
He open'd your heart-- He spoke to you.

Did you ever wonder what you look like?
Did you do something you never thought?
Did your fears turn to light?
You see with his eyes; Your heart open'd

I live like I breathe--
I know for I believe.

original poem by my son mak azubike (macalurs)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

titbits on leadership From John Maxwell

Basics Of Effective leadership

1 It always starts with a need.

2 That always sparks up a passion within a person

3 That person acts in response to that need

4 This actions move others to co-operate.

When you hear the many needs arround you, which one strikes a chord whithin your heart?

What Kind of specialist are you called to become?

What would you do before you die?

What would be your significant contribution?

Our giftings could be


Every one needs something we all need. When we find it we naturally influence others.

What is vision?